WR-5100K Binocular Auto Ref/Keratometer


WR-5100 cover

Measurement with Both Eyes Open

The measurement with both eyes open creates optimum condition for achieving more precise measurement.  Thus, there would be less Instrumental Myopia.

Easy Measurement with the Open View WindowWAM-5500 両眼開放窓

The Open View Window provides no distraction of the view and less stress for the patient during the measurement.   It facilitates the measurement process easy and quick for the  infant/children.  The  measurement  process is smoothly done since you can observe the condition of a patient directly.

The Open View Window is easy to measure a patient with glasses and contact lens as well as a patient with IOL.

Any Target

Unlike regular refractometer, any object you can choose for the target at any distance.

Indication of SE (Spherical Equivalent)

The change of accommodation in SE can be confirmed.

Measurement of Near Point

By adjusting the working distance for near point, you can measure Near Vision objectively using near point card.

Data Output

Video  Output/ It allows you to show the same image as the internal monitor to the external monitor (NTSC System).

RS-232C Interface/The measurement data is able to transfer to the external device such as the PC. (Option). The data can be automatically transferred to the spreadsheet using the measurement data collection software.

Color LCD Display

By using the color display, it becomes easier to see and confirm the alignment.  Further-more,  since  the  Icon  is  used  instead  of  the character, it becomes easier to operate even if the person has never used the instrument.

Focus Guiding System

You can bring to the focus easily while you are looking at the arrow.  When the arrow is gone, it is focused perfectly.

Auto Start

When it is focused, the instrument starts the measurement  automatically  without  pressing any  switch.    Then,  after  the  one  eye  is measured for the fixed times, it indicates to go  to  the  other  eye  with  sound  and  arrow.  Furthermore,  once  both  eyes  are  measured, it starts printing automatically.

Printer with Automatic Cutter

The  printout can  be  taken off  easily  and cleanly  since it  cuts  the printing paper automatically.


PD/It  measures  the  PD for Far Distance, automatically.    Additionally,  it measures  the  PD  for  Near Distance,  automatically  as well  (Select  from  30,  35, 40, and 45 cm).  The result can be printed out as NPD.

IOL  Mode/It  makes easier to measure a patient with  the  IOL  lens.    When you  select  this  mode,  it shows  as  “IOL”  on  the printout.

Measurement  of Small  Pupil  Diameter/Since it can measure the pupil  diameter  as  small  as 2.3  mm,  it  makes  easy  to measure  the elderly  or even a patient with the long eyelashes.WR5100K LCD


WR5100K specification