RV-II cover

Professional measurement for everyone

Pre-Installed various examination programs

Standard program, Basic Program, “Speedy”Program, as well as 21-Point Eye Examination Program are available.

Speedy Program

This program simplify the cylinder test without jeopardizing the accuracy.RVII-graph

21-point eye examination visual performance graph & simulator

Unique use of the 21-point eye exam makes possible to simulate how it can be seen with the lens having Prism & ADD.


Easy program customization

Able to edit or customize the programs according to the preference and the unified procedure can be taken by everyone.

Various data storage options


3 Types of assured cylinder test

  • Manual cross cylinder: ±0.25D/±0.50D
  • Auto cross cylinder : ±0.25D
  • Ex cross cylinder: ±0.25D/±0.50D


Near-Point White LED illumination with 5 steps light intensity control


Connecting with other devices





Forehead detector

Automatically detects and alerts when forehead is removed from refractor.

Help function

When the help is required on Charts, Auxiliary Lens, Q&A, as well as examination methods, it can be checked on the LCD.


Near-point white LED illumination with 5-step light intensity control


Auxiliary lens display

Display all auxiliary lenses to help speedy selection and changeover of lenses.


Face-to-face measurement

Small main body and wide space between lens chambers allows easier view of patient’s face and condition.

High-precision lenses and wide measuring range

Sph=-34.50D to +32.00D

Ideal field view of 36°

It allows a patient’s eye point to be ?xed with less accommodation.

Fast lens changing time and initialization

It helps to shorten the whole process without any stress.



●Specifications and design are subject to change without prior notice for improvement.
●The screen is composed photograph.
●The color of instrument on the catalogue and the real product might be different.
●We judge that the LCD Monitor is qualified if the total “lit pixel”and/or “missing pixel” is less than five (excluding non-sharp one and less than half one).
●For the LCD Vision Chart GV-900, when you set the distance longer than 6m, some charts may not be shown properly.